Coin Info

This is Detailed info about coin blockchain settings.

Name Description
Coin Name Dpowcoin
Short Name DPC
Block Time 5m or 300s
Diff Retargeting LWMA3 with N 576
Reward 50 coins
Subsidy Halving Interval Every 420 000 blocks
Proof Type Dual POW ( not multi pow!)
Algo Dual POW - by Yespower and Argon2id 0x13 + SHA512
POW check like at LTC Using sha256d in headers indexing
Legacy Address Prefix P - 55 - 0x37
P2SH-SegWit Address Prefix C - 28 - 0x1c
Bech32-SegWit Prefix dpc1
Default p2p port 42003
Default rpc port 42002
powLimit 001fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
BIPs activated Block 2
Network Magic 0xf29f4afb
bip324 Salt dpowcoin_v2_shared_secret
MAX SUPPLY 42 000 000
Pre Mine None if not count 3 blocks for activate "BIP" rules.
Dev Fees None

How to mine ?

go to debug console and put command

generatetoaddress nblocks "address" ( maxtries )

Example for infine try

generatetoaddress 10000 "Myaddress" -1

nblocks must be positive value!

Two proofs of work (POWs) are utilized for each block validation process. Initially, the block undergoes verification using the Yespower algorithm. Subsequently, the same block is subjected to two rounds of SHA512 with a salt, followed by two rounds of Argon2id. The block is deemed valid only if it passes both proof of work validations simultaneously.

For the Yespower proof of work, the function GetYespowerPowHash() computes the hash. This function serializes the block data and utilizes the Yespower algorithm for hash computation.

For the Argon2id proof of work, the function GetArgon2idPoWHash() is employed. This function serializes the block data and then performs two rounds of SHA512 hashing with a salt. Following this, it conducts two rounds of Argon2id hashing. The resulting hash from the second round is returned.

To verify block headers, the function CheckBlockHeader() is utilized. It evaluates both proofs of work for the block. If either proof of work fails, the block is considered invalid.

For lightweight Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) wallets, only one of the proof of works can be utilized for verification. Typically, the combination of SHA512 and Argon2id is recommended due to its efficiency and wide availability across different platforms.