Support US

As you know, there is no pre-mine or any developer fee in the coin, and our equipment is not very powerful so that we can mine on an equal basis with users who have powerful CPUs. the servers where will be at first time explorer ,electrumx servers, etc.. Also will requires regular rental payments.

So at your discretion you can donate a little DPC (in priority) or other coins to the addresses below, donations are completely voluntary

You can donate to the following addresses

Check addresses carefully! Only these addresses belong to the developers.

Coin Address
Dpowcoin - DPC dpc1q0dutc83g2a4hzuyqw33j8ae3405f0k4e4ntj3z
Bitcoin - BTC bc1qva9eexgxpy2vsftejvtaczkudpezwvrcek9kdp
Litecoin - LTC ltc1qsg0ftt9cdhfarpaa4u6lslvtpdvkkl47l4t53c
Dogecoin - DOGE D9nwkJiKE2qz6mLXm8RBAbrQzEM6xRTWSm

Thanks to everyone who supported us.